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Three Wheel Bicycle

A three wheel bicycle is commonly known as a tricycle. It is one of the most common cycles used when children are young. The tricycles are energized by the movement of pedals which the children are meant to exert the required pressure on. This action is believed to make the children’s leg muscles, especially the calf muscles and the thigh muscles stronger. In fact, almost everyone has ridden a three wheel bicycle when they were young. This naturally progresses to riding a two wheel bicycle at a later stage. 



Usually when we speak about three wheeled bicycles, we refer to those that are meant for children. However, what most people do not know is that three wheel bicycles are also used by adults. They are used as a means of transportation and, in some cases, mobility.

Many adults who cannot balance themselves on the traditional bicycles (like, people who never learned to bike as a child, or those adults who are simply looking for more stability and safety) find that they are more comfortable on three wheel bicycles. These bicycles give them the required support and, most importantly, confidence. 



However, it is not right to think that only adults who cannot ride two wheeled bicycles go for the three wheeled bicycles. In fact, the three wheel bicycles are preferred by many people for the large number of uses that they can be put to. Being three wheel bicycles, it is possible to carry a passenger or two on these vehicles.

In fact, in some countries, people make a profession out of transporting people on specially designed three wheel bicycles. They add cushiony seats and hoods so that the passengers can be carried in some degree of comfort. They also make adjustments such as adding rows of seats facing both sides so that more people can be carried. One very good example is the traditional cycle rickshaw found in various parts of India. 

3 Wheeled Bicycles and Adult Trikes

Being three wheeled, it does not take much effort to ride such bicycles. There are two wheels at the rear and one wheel in front. The seat is placed on a rod, just as in the traditional two wheel bicycles. Even the shape and the material of the seat is the same as that of traditional bicycles. The rider sits on this seat and pedals the cycle.

 3 wheel bicycle

 three wheeled bicycles

 three wheel bicycles

In fact, for all practical purposes, the front portion of the three wheel bicycle (sometimes called adult trikes, or adult tricycles) is identical to that of a two wheel bicycle.

It is only the rear where the changes are implemented. Of course, three wheeled recumbent bicycles for adults are also gaining in popularity, and these look different than a 'traditional' bike, but the concept is the same.

From carrying goods to carrying people, the 3 wheel bicycles have found a lot of application in various parts of the world. But the popularity has begun increasing considerably in recent times because people have become a lot more environmental conscious than they were before.

three wheel bike                 three wheel bicycle

They are now using these bicycles because they know that these bicycles are completely friendly to the environment as they do not guzzle any gas as engines do.

 three wheel bicycle

 three wheel recumbent bicycle

 three wheeled bicycle

More and more people are giving up driving four wheeled vehicles and bikes and going for 2 wheel and 3 wheeled trikes, with the hope of making the world a better place to live in.  

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 three wheeled recumbant bicycles

 three wheeled bicycle

We've highlighted the pictures of some top three wheeled bike options on this page, and also talk in more detail about the Schwinn, WestportTriton recumbent, Triton MoboiZip electric, Pacific Cycles folding, and California Cycles trike models, and provide the links to buy the Schwinn or Westport models, in association with Amazon.



We also have a discussion on kids tricycles, as well as adult trike covers, and stabilizer wheels which give the stability of a 3 wheel bike to an adult's 2 wheel bike. Have a look!

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